20 Best Updos for Short Hair


Best Updos for Short Hair

We analyze how to style short hair, inspired by the most successful beauty-images of the recent Cannes Film Festival.

In general, young Leah’s hair is by nature very lush and tough, so it perfectly keeps its shape and volume, and without a lot of auxiliary beauty products. Because the effect of “air in the hair” persists for a long time and does not turn into inaccurate and unwanted tousiness.

This is one of the best images of the younger Hadid, presented in Cannes – and he gets this mark absolutely deserved.

The super-hot haircut of the spring-summer 2017 season – a long bean – softened the image as a whole due to simple styling: strands with a curling made the shape of smooth waves, and at the tips a little “worn out”. As a result: volumetric styling with the effect of “airiness” in the hair.

This image brings back memories of the retro era: of course, this style is clearly not at the peak of popularity in the coming summer season, but it becomes a secondary matter, if it looks just amazing.

Retro immersion is provided primarily by twisted in the opposite side tips. Coupled with competent coloring, cutting layers, side parting and long bangs, laid on its side, creates the effect of additional volume and exceptional density – and this despite the fact that Robin’s hair is thin by natüre.

It is by examining the beauty images of Uma Thurman that it is probably the most important thing to write the day, since for each new premiere in Cannes the actress was transformed: not only in terms of styling, but also haircuts, and transformed strikingly.

At the opening ceremony of the film festival, Uma first appeared with its new haircut – geometric square. His most frequent variant of laying (because, perhaps, the most advantageous) is a side parting, when one strand is tucked behind the ears and thus opens the temple, and the second falls on the face. Important: this technique can visually narrow the face, so it is worth taking note of the owners of the round type.

Short Curly Hair Updo


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