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Top 25 Short Shag Haircuts Right Now


Creative female haircuts for short hair 2019: fashion trends, photos of new products

Wisdom, which is known to all, says: if you want to change your life, change your hairstyle. The collection of creative haircuts for short hair (see photo in the article) will help to fulfill the dream and pick a bright, unusual and fashionable hairstyle.


One of the first places in popularity in 2019 is occupied by a female creative haircut for short hair (photo below), suitable for both girls over 40 and for the youngest women of the fair sex, called garcon. It is considered universal, because it can easily be performed on the curls of various structures, regardless of their color, thickness, size, face shape, age characteristics and type of appearance.

Fashionable haircut garcon

During the haircut, the master can make a very short hair length, or else leave the curls to fall free, a little below the ear. In any of the options it is necessary to carry out the filing in the occipital and temporal areas, as well as on the bang.

This is a necessary condition and helps to emphasize the merits of appearance. The main part of the haircut – bangs. At the request of the client and the discretion of the master, it can be of different thickness, shape and length.

Haircut garcon with long bangs

Oblique bangs, is the most suitable option for girls with round, square, oval or rectangular faces. Long, asymmetrical anterior strand, beautifully set off large, expressive features. Advantages of appearance with small features, best emphasize short bangs.

If the young lady has a high forehead, a straight, elongated bang will help to harmonize the face. For a low forehead, it is worth stopping the choice on a shortened version. Two shaved temple, can be easily combined with a shortened occipital zone

Garcon Haircut Option

You can add a highlight to a garcon’s haircut and express your inner state, you can use interesting polishing or coloring. Lovers of radical solutions, suitable option with shaved temporal or occipital region. Laying the garcon is pretty simple.

To increase the volume, before drying the hair, you should use mousse, and you can select individual curls using wax. At the request of the girl, the hair can be left perfectly smooth or create a “creative mess”, which will add to the image of flimsy and playfulness.


Another creative female haircut for short hair 2019 (photo below) for 25-year-old ladies is pixie. In the classic version, elongated locks are left in the occipital region, in the temporal zone, they are cut as short as possible, and in front there is a brow, of selected length, thickness and shape.

For those who like to experiment, you can choose a variant with shaved temples. He will make an image extraordinary, courageous and exotic. If you shave the temporal region on the one hand, this area can be easily covered by combing the hair to the side.

Pixie Fashion HaircutAsymmetrical, elongated bangs, will be a great addition to the pixie. It can be left at the level of the cheekbones or lowered to the chin. This hairstyle will be an excellent option for a creative female haircut for short hair 2019 on a round face (photo below).

It is bangs that help to hide the extra volume and balance the features, and the difference in length with the main shock creates a stunning effect. In addition, this version of the pixie can be varied styling:

• create a light volume in the root zone, and pull the bangs with an iron by focusing on the tips with wax;

• tousle the bulk of the hair, and twist the bang in soft, very large waves. This will make the image fervent and original. Ultrashort pixie, only ladies with an ideal oval of the face and correct lines can afford.

Sassy Shag

When creating this hairstyle, the bangs are cut as much as possible. However, this is where the beauty lies, because you can play with your own appearance. Depending on the mood and internal sensations, the chela can be combed to the side, combed back or ruffled individual strands, allowing them to stick out in different directions.

A talented master can easily make a regular female haircut for short hair in 2019 for young ladies after 40 (see photo in the article) from a normal and cascade that is loved by everyone. Classical hairstyle is a smooth transition over the entire length of the hair, there is no clarity of cuts. For a frozen cascade, approximately the same length of curls with ragged, randomly located tips is characteristic. The torn cascade implies the presence of torn strands along the entire length of the hair.

30 Chic Blonde Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Women 2019

30 Chic Blonde Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Women 2019
30 Chic Blonde Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Women 2019

Chic Blonde Bob Hairstyles for Women

it will give you a great deal of comfort. There is a list of female blondes Bob Hairstyles who will give you the most beautiful look in the field of fashion. If you were looking for a place for hairstyles this season, then coming to us is the best thing you have ever done.

The first amazing chic bob is a graceful hairstyle with ruffled ends. It gives a feminine look and helps add interest to your short hair. It will save you money on conditioner and shampoo. This is really awesome! The second on our lists is a wavy bob. Almost all girls today try this look, because it is very girlish.

With this hairstyle on your head you will look challenging and classic. A rounded bob is another plush bean for a great look. With this hairstyle you will look just like a superstar. Get it and put more eyes on your hair.

Go for this chic hairstyle and get more fans. The separation of the dragon – the most fabulous last bob, which will bring you a lot of pleasure. Immediately you will demonstrate this hairstyle, many people will immediately book salons to look like you.

Some people do different hairstyles because of the health of their hair. If you have damaged long hair or your hair breaks when you comb it, then the hairstyles above will help you train them again.

And this time they will improve in terms of being healthier and stronger. Use these hairstyles, which we have listed, and stop by the floor of your hair every time they comb. make it look great. Bob cuts are the best way to make your look gorgeous. In addition, you can try oblique bean hairstyles that simply transform your look.

No matter where you go, the corners will give you a festive style and make your hair thicker. This is also an exciting hairstyle that does not make you spend a lot on shampoos or conditioners.

With it, you will be unforgettable in the minds of people, especially men, because they can not fall in love. You can use the shortest hairstyle, and it will make you look exceptional. When you put a style close to your ears, it will become cooler, not cute.

When you have seen the lists of hairstyles that we have provided, try one and see your beauty, as you will receive views and compliments from friends and passersby. If you are not yet satisfied, we will cover you, so you have no reason to worry about the hairstyle this season. Bob’s hairstyles are the best, so immediately raise your overall style!

22 Very Sexy Inverted Bob Cuts – Trends of 2019

Inverted Ear Length Bob

Inverted bob: find your style

Inverted bob is the best way to check if you like short hair. Since this fashion trend looks like a long haircut in the front, and at the back of the head the hair is cut short and stepped.

An inverted bob is suitable for almost every woman, because it can be worn with both smooth and wavy hair. Shave or leave long hair? This perennial indecision will help defeat the inverted bob. Indeed, with this hairstyle, the dilemma is resolved, because it is characterized by a length in the front, and a short cropped back in the back.

Another name for haircuts is a graduated bean.

Fashionable image is suitable for those who are not afraid and willingly feel something new and like to experiment with style. Appearing in the 90s, graded bob became a classic in the bob hairstyle line and one of the most popular styles in general.

Many celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Kate Walsh, Keira Knightley loved this image. Not surprising, because this cute hairstyle is playful and feminine at the same time. If you want something extravagant, then an inverted bob is the perfect solution for you.

This super stylish cool hairstyle at one time made her trademark Victoria Beckham. Her platinum version of an inverted bean has become her absolute style. Thousands of women of fashion all over the world followed her example! The best thing about this haircut is that it combines elements of long and short haircuts.

Regardless of which city in the world you are in, with an upside-down bean you will be the trendsetter for the most part. There are no clear rules and boundaries for the main haircut lines. Hair can reach both shoulder lines and be very short. A characteristic feature of an inverted bean is an extreme gradation in the neck.

The back of the head is neatly cut in such a way that the back of the hair looks like a classic short haircut. To the chin strands significantly lengthened. This difference in cut adds extravagance to a woman’s face.

Hairstyle is suitable for thin hair. As a result of the perfect classification, the hair as a whole looks larger. The image is one of the most relevant at the moment. Both Queen Rihanna and modern designer, Peppercake Victoria Beckham demonstrate that the inverted bob is suitable for both unstable ultra fashionable figures and elegant ladies.

Upside Down Bean – Design Miracle

Smooth with sharp tips, careless, glam with crumpled waves, voluminous – an inverted bob participates in all styling experiments. Adjust the cut and style of hair, depending on your comfort.

You can customize a haircut to your outfit or make it a key element of the whole image. Because such a spectacular head of hair can do without expensive “equipment”, it can stand for itself.

Inverted Ear Length Bob

23 Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Short Bob Cuts


23 Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Short Bob Cuts

This beautiful blonde beauty can flatter on any form of face, depending on how you call or excrete her. Side bangs would be an ideal choice if you don’t want to deal with the cultivation stage, plus it allows a truly versatile style.

Blonde should never be boring, so we put together these amazing short ideas for blonde hair that you can choose to give your overall style a new life! The key to success in this regard is choosing a hairstyle that fits or balances your face shape and color that improves your complexion. Keep it fresh while enjoying all your style choices – never be afraid to go beyond!

This beautiful blonde beauty can flatter on any form of face, depending on how you call or excrete her. Side bangs would be an ideal choice if you don’t want to deal with the cultivation stage, plus it allows a truly versatile style.

Who would not want this incredible smooth and brilliant ice blonde strands ?! This color with a high level of service is ideal for role models and will require proper home care procedures.

Blonde with pink gold

What I love most about this look will definitely be color. Fashionable shades are what most people shy away from, fearing that they are “too scared.” I love the fact that soft pink gold hair, such as this one, is suitable for a wider rage of ages and skin tones. Adding a little pop to your already blond hair is easy and can still be sassy and stylish!

What is your hair color right now? If your hair is already blond, it is very easy to add shades of fashion, if you do not need to lighten your hair before you can add bright or pastel shades.

Think about it. Fashionable shades are not for everyone, and this is 100% normal. You have to ask yourself whether you will feel more beautiful than any color in your hair. Perhaps you want to get deeper rose gold, maybe you want a little or a lot more. Your hair is yours and you will always look beautiful when you feel beautiful!

What is interesting with this look is a haircut that is eternal. I call it long pixy. To add a dynamic haircut, I added a caramel blonde color with babylights and used sweeping techniques for this lady.

This style is ideal for dynamic, busy women or women who do not have time to regulate hair. Just drying the hair dryer and adding a little touch to the hair, just change the order.

This style is also suitable for women who have thin hair at the top, so it will make a thicker impression above and leave a heavy impression on the back below. Any face shape can wear this style.

20 Blunt Bob Haircuts That Trending in 2019


There is nothing worse than walking with a unfashionable haircut and not noticing it. What are the main mistakes you can not make when choosing a hair?

The sharp bob has been the trend of the last 4–5 years, but many still continue to ask the master for this haircut from time to time. If you do not agree to say goodbye to his constant hair, there is a great way to transform it into a more fashionable option.

First of all, get rid of the short length at the back and cut off the elongated tips, make a straight bob with the same length over the entire growth of the hair. Trim tips without filing. This year it is believed that the rougher and careless the bob, the better, so you should not do the perfect styling. If the hair is straight and thin, you can add volume with the help of careless light curls. Rough bob looks especially fashionable for those who by nature have wavy hair.


Straight very thick bangs should be replaced by a long, slightly shaggy, falling on the eyes. Such a bang beautifully frames the face, looks more feminine, moreover, at any moment it can be divided into two parts, if it interferes.

Most of all, it will suit the owners of straight hair. Remember that the bangs in no case should not be oblique, this has long been in the past (and we hope that it will never return).

The cascade framing the oval face, or the so-called ladder, should be forgotten once and for all. The cascade is distinguished by an unfashionable “cap” at the crown, from which profiled “feathers” of different lengths emerge.

Choose a bob or a square with an even cut. Pixie haircuts with bangs brushed forward and deliberate carelessness also remain in vogue. The main thing is not to remember the existence of varnish and do not fix the feathers on the crown.

Despite the fact that there is a tendency for short haircuts, such as bob or bob, long hair in any case remains popular. No need to fantasize over the haircut. It is enough just to keep them well-groomed, to keep the tips healthy and even. Desirable length not lower than the waist. In addition, you should not constantly torment the hair and straighten them.

The trend for naturalness and easy negligence simplifies the task of hair styling and saves your time. Because of the same fashionable naturalness, it is absolutely not necessary to do the extended strands.

Bob for Fine Hair



41 Ultimate Short Hairstyles for Long Faces



Short haircuts – the embodiment of energy, enthusiasm, optimism and vitality.

Hair of short length can expose very unsightly features of our appearance. What to do if the soul requires, and appearance does not quite allow? To do this, we will try to understand the main nuances of the features of the structure of the face and the necessary short haircut for your face type.

First of all, you should think about the concept of “short hair.” It is believed that such is a haircut up to 15-20 cm. Long, that is, somewhere to the chin. Although asymmetrical haircuts with a shaved one side and a strand of more than 20 cm on the other are adequately “measured”, perhaps, difficult. Often bangs are much longer than the main hair and we do not take them into account.

Picture of a fun and sassy short hair for long faces

Short haircuts, having the same name, are cut in absolutely different lengths, which can cause some confusion, and in a successful performance – transform their possessor, and in case of a failed calculation – spoil the mood. In addition, do not forget that the concept of “short hair” and include extreme options with hair length from one to three centimeters.

So, we consider only the main trends. A final selection of the required length in centimeters is better to negotiate directly with the master.And immediately option: pixie with volumetric styling. Trendy pixie this season – the number one hairstyle for the fair sex of any age and status. For moon-faced ladies, an option is offered with a slightly elongated torn bang, combed upward in a grunge style, with a slight twist and additional volüme.

Round face haircuts

We start with ladies with a round face. After all, there is a perception that such a face shape is completely incompatible with short haircuts. However, the case of the master is afraid. And if Rembrandt repeatedly proved the beauty of relatively dense bodies, so why not the modern creator try to embody a short hairstyle for such a round face?

Voila, you can only say, looking at Cameron Diaz with her bean. And the whole thing in a magnificent, twisted, falling oblique bangs. Plus – light hair color. So try haircuts can and should be, provided that:

Square face haircuts The situation is not better with beauties with a square face. Bob and pixie with long oblique bangs leave. They are able to visually narrow the lower part of the face and smooth out the intricate shapes. In addition, the asymmetry will distract attention from the cheekbones. Here is Paris Hilton gave in her time a preference for a pronounced asymmetrical bob.

True, looking at such a difference in length, it is difficult to say definitely: is this hairstyle short or of medium length? But what to do, in general, ultrashort haircuts will open and underline the pronounced cheekbones, and there is no getting away from it. So, if you are not an experimenter, in this case, give preference to a longer hair length.

Triangular face haircuts

Girls with a triangular face should avoid additional volume in the temples, as the face visually expands to the top. And ideally, do not open your ears more than half. Plus – avoid short bangs, especially direct ones.

The safest option is a bob with long hair on the chin. So at one time went to Victoria Beckham. The elongated front strands perfectly balanced proportions.

But, recently, the same Victoria and the other stars behind her do not even consider the triangular face a problem. Especially if there is something else to demonstrate: incredible decorations in the ears and on the neck, the newly enlarged and corrected chest.

18 Best Short Dark Hair Color Ideas


Noble ash in hair

Ash blond was always in fashion. The new season will bring ladies fashion for cool shades close to gray hair. Of course, such coloring can cause considerable damage to dark hair and will require special care in the future. Blondes by nature will find it easier to get the desired shade, but etching the pigment out of the hair will definitely not benefit the hair.

The most ordinary haircut for short hair can be transformed with the help of skillful dyeing. Sometimes women are not ready to change the shape of their hair, but they easily agree to change colors. There are many techniques, techniques and methods of dyeing short hair.

We will place accents

In the new season it will be fashionable to dye the bangs separately from all other hair. There are several advantages to this method. No need to spoil the paint all the hair. In addition, you can easily look original and unusual. If only bangs are colored, then the color can be changed more often than if the paint had to be applied to the entire length of the hair.

It is impossible to unequivocally say that the coloring of a bang is only a youth style. For this it is not necessary to create a bright contrast. You can lighten the strands of the face only a couple of shades, thereby creating additional volume.

Rainbow tints on hair

From last season to new migrated coloring in rainbow colors. On short hair such dyes will look very entertaining. You can choose a youth style and paint the strands in bright shades suitable for the girl according to the color type.

Those who are not ready for such experiments can be advised in more discreet shades: pale blue, dusty pink, mother of pearl. Even aged ladies can afford such a rainbow composition.

Ombre on short hair

Ombre on short hair looks no less impressive than on long. The smooth transition from a darker to a light shade fascinates and creates the volume that is so desired by most women.

For a short haircut, you can choose both natural shades and extreme flashy colors. The main thing is to maintain the style and think in advance how the new image will be combined with the clothes in the wardrobe.

It is because of the risk of damage that such coloring is more suitable for short hair. If the hair is badly damaged, then they can be renewed in a short time. Those who dared to do this will be satisfied, because as a result they will have a stylish sparkling hairstyle, which will definitely distinguish such a “Snow Queen” from the crowd.

A few seasons ago, many fashionable women sought to paint their curls in shades of rotten cherry, eggplant, ocher and mahogany. In 2018, the fashion returns to red, but now shades are much bolder. In the course will be all kinds of colors from light pink to rich burgundy. Even the most modest amateur metamorphosis will be able to choose a fashionable shade to taste.

French Roast Black Curly Hair

14 Cutest Short Messy Hairstyles You Will Love in 2019

Cutest Short Messy Hair
Cutest Short Messy Hair

Doctors and cosmetologists do not recommend frequent washing of hair. What to do if every day you need to look amazing, and the curls look untidy? Stylish hairstyles for messy hair can be created in minutes.

This year, fashion stylists took care of the ever busy modern women. In the trend hairstyles with artistically disheveled, unwashed several days of strands. Just a couple of days after washing the hair does not look clean? It does not matter – several options for interesting styling will always look charming.

Hairstyles for dirty hair have a slightly disheveled appearance with carelessly disheveled locks. Oddly enough, many styling look much better if you do not wash your hair for three days. Professional stylists have several recommendations that you should pay attention to when creating an interesting image.

Smoothly combed strands immediately give the time of washing the head, but a little disheveled braid on the strands, collected in a low tail, looks spectacular and stylish.

Any woman can become the queen of the ball, even in the most extraordinary conditions. We hope that the video presented in this article will help you choose interesting hair styling options in accordance with the oval of the face and the type of strands.

The easiest way to do this is to style your newly cleaned hair. But when this is not possible, you can use some tricks. Take the following tips for yourself, and in any situation your curls will look stylish and neat.

Disheveled Neck Length Cut

25 Beautiful and Easy Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair



If you have curly hair, then you are incredibly lucky. Many girls are confident that with curls it is impossible to make any decent styling, constantly straighten their hair, thereby causing them in a terrible state.

If you do not know what hairstyle you can make from your curly hair, then you are on the right track! Watch videos that will help you understand how much wealth you have.

A fresh curly stacked bob

Taming naughty mop pai-girl If you can, you can cope with the disobedient with the help of pins, ironing and styling tools!

Before you start to learn new styling, you must be sure that you are properly caring for your curls. Every time you want to experiment with a hairstyle, start with hair conditioning.

Hairstyles for curly shoulder length hair

Curly hair sometimes turns into a whole problem, and when they are also short, it becomes almost impossible to cope with them.

But just look how easy it is to manage the girl on the video! Your attention is presented 10 amazing styling, take on board!

Hairstyles with weaving And it is available to you! You can, as leave hair loose, and pick them in the tail, so as not to interfere. The choice is yours! If you like variety, and you love using hair accessories, then this video is for you. Get inspired by the exploits!

Down with boring styling! From your hair, you can make a real masterpiece, a normal bunch turns into a work of art! Just watch the video and repeat!

30 Best Short Ombre Hair Color Inspirations for 2019


1. Trendy Bean

Ombre’s trend coloring, which came into fashion several seasons ago, beats all records in popularity. From French, “ombre” is translated as “shadow”, “blackout”, and this reveals the whole essence of coloring.

The hairdresser draws color along the entire length of the hair, creating an interesting gradient from dark roots to light ends. Ombre is in demand due to its versatility and looks fascinating on hair of any length and color. In addition to the classic ombra staining, there are alternative types such as reverse ombra, color ombra, vintage ombra, cross ombra and many others.

2. Reverse ombre

Chic version of the “creative mess” on the hair in combination with trendy regrown roots. Graduated bob and bleached strands add extra volume to the hairstyle, so this is an ideal option for girls with thin hair.

Smooth color transition provides a natural look of sun-bleached hair, and the combination of chocolate and honey emphasizes the beauty of dark-skinned skin.

3. Burgundy and strawberry blond

This option is no less popular than the classical ombra staining. The only difference is how the colors are arranged: cold platinum blond at the roots, turning into ash-brown in the middle of the length of the hair and coal-black at the tips. This color implies the presence of long hair, it looks less natural than the classic version, but more brightly and dramatically.

An excellent example of how to add color and brightness to blond hair. If you are a blonde and want to revive the monochrome pure blond with bright colors, choose juicy and rich shades for ombre. The combination of deep burgund and strawberry blond looks very impressive and unusual, and allows you to refresh your hair without resorting to radical changes.

4. Pure gold

If you’re a stinging brunette, look at the shine variant of the golden metal at the tips. It is quite difficult to choose the right complement to the black color, but gold on dark hair looks expensive and glamorous.

An overflow of golden metallic shades in combination with a noble black color will give the hair a healthy look and additional volume.

Black to Silver Ombre Hair 5. Stylish mix

The stylish combination of blue-black, mahogany, copper and platinum blonde demonstrates the perfect work of the master colorist. This technique looks advantageous on long hair, allowing you to perform more color transitions.

The secret of success – perfectly matched colors that blend with each other and look without the slightest hint of disharmony.