18 Best Bob Haircuts for Girls We are Obsessed With

Bob Haircuts for Girls
Bob Haircuts for Girls

Bob Haircuts for Girls

Beautiful Cuts for Girls

Children’s haircuts for girls are almost no different from adult counterparts. They look just as stylish, fashionable and beautiful.

Four of a kind in all its varieties is headed by the trendy rating of this season haircuts. It remains only to choose a suitable length and a good model. On straight and fairly thick hair looks great quads with a smooth line of cut. But wavy, sparse and thin hairs are advised to make a multi-level haircut. If you own elementary hairdressing skills, you can make quads yourself. Moreover, for girls of 7-8 years old, it will not be difficult to clean up every day, which will greatly facilitate the fees to school.

Another beautiful haircut that differs from the bob only in length – the hair here needs to be cut a little higher than the chin. Haircut bob is universal, because it fits all girls. And it is incredibly comfortable with her – her hair does not climb into her eyes, it is easy to fit her hair with an ordinary comb and does not interfere with the baby to run, jump and play. The traditional bob is cut without a bang, but if you wish, you can give it any shape and length.

Any mom will make short and medium haircuts with an even cut – it is enough to trim the hair with sharp scissors at the right level. For girls 10 years old with long or medium hair is ideal. Due to the same length, the strands can be put in any desired hairstyle – tails, pigtails, buns, etc. The bangs (usually straight and fairly thick) are made at will.

Girls of 11 years very often choose cascade options – ladder or cascade. These hairstyles give the hair volume and beautifully framed face, do not require a lot of effort for styling and are perfectly combined with bandages and rims. The most popular length for the ladder and cascade is the level just below the shoulders. It allows you to implement various hairstyles based on weaves or tails. To complement the image will help a suitable bang.

This option is equally popular among very young babes, and among girls 12 years old. The main thing is that the short hairstyle fits the shape and shape of the face and, of course, was your daughter’s choice, not yours. Experts say that pixie is perfect for slender short girls. The best option is not considered oblong, but round. In addition, the pixie allows you to give the strands a very beautiful shape and save the hair from the cut ends.

This trend haircut season 2019 is best suited for hair of different structure. The length of the sesson should cover the ears. The hair itself is trimmed in a circle, making a smooth transition from thick and straight bangs to a short nape.


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