20 Perfectly Imperfect Medium Bob Haircuts for Girls and Women

20 Perfectly Imperfect Medium Bob Haircuts for Girls and Women
20 Perfectly Imperfect Medium Bob Haircuts for Girls and Women

Medium Bob Haircuts

20 Medium Bob Haircuts for all types of hair – Choose yourself the perfect option in 2019

One of the most popular haircuts for fashionistas all over the world is bob haircut. Everybody wears it: schoolgirls, young ladies, women of solid age. What is the secret of the popularity of this amazing hairstyle?

Modern Classic Bob

The fact is that this medium bob haircut has a lot of options for execution. The end result will depend on the structure of the hair, the shape and features of the woman’s face, the characteristics of her body shape, and body build. As there are no two absolutely identical women, there are no two identical bob haircuts.

However, with all the variety of embodiments, this hairstyle is difficult to confuse with any other: it is distinguished by its volume and specific silhouette. The characteristic silhouette of a bean is created by a combination of long side and short occipital strands. Particular attention is paid to the design of the neck: the shortest hair on this part of the head elegantly opens a beautiful neck, visually making it long, slim, elegant.

Beautiful haircut is impossible without strong and healthy hair. Large manufacturers of hair care products use sulphates to create their products. They not only damage the hair and scalp, but can also accumulate in the body. This leads to the emergence of various diseases. Dermatologists and beauty industry experts recommend using only natural cosmetics. It allows you to keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny. We conducted our own study of hair care products.

The advantages of this haircut:

  1. universality;
  2. suitable for any type of hair;
  3. successfully corrects defects of appearance, figure;
  4. does not require a lot of time for laying.

Another important advantage of this haircut is that it opens up opportunities for experimentation. In this case, not only the master will experiment: the owner of the haircut will be able to make a variety of styling, changing its appearance every day.

Classic straight bob

This option is reminiscent of the usual for many women caret: it assumes the presence of an even and smooth silhouette, created by smooth lines, and soft volume. The only difference is the lack of a flat bottom haircut. If the caret is the same length of hair around the entire head, then the bob is a combination of elongated front curls framing the face and short occipital strands.

This version of the haircut is done on hair of any length: the front strands can end at the level of the ear, and reach the shoulders. However, the classic version is hair ending at the lower edge of the face. The length of the curls should be selected based on the type of face and shape.

Typically, this hairstyle does not imply the presence of bangs. But modern stylists are trying to correct this misunderstanding and which season already offers the attention of women the original bob with bangs of different lengths and shapes. Looking at the photos from fashion shows, you can make sure that the bangs only complements the original haircut and allows you to bring the proportions of the face to the ideal one.

This hairstyle will suit women of any age, because it allows you to create a simple but elegant look. Classic straight bob is a versatile and elegant haircut that will decorate any face.

This hairstyle will suit women:

  1. with an oval or round face;
  2. with straight smooth hair;
  3. with normal or asthenic physique.

The classic version of the hairstyle is universal – with it you can create any image: from a business woman to a fatal beauty from the cover of a glossy magazine. Just a few movements of the brushing and the hair dryer slightly change the shape of the hair, make the appropriate makeup and choose the right clothes.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

This bold and avant-garde version has long been loved by fashionistas of the whole world. Now this hairstyle is performed on the hair of any length and allows you to demonstrate the density of the hair. One of its advantages is the possibility of any combination with bangs: it gratefully accepts oblique, long or thinned bangs.

This haircut always looks original and fresh, allowing its owner to look a few years younger. Asymmetrical bob looks equally stylish on thick and thin hair, straight or wavy curls.

We can safely say that asymmetrical bob is the most versatile haircut.
The most common variant of asymmetry is a combination of short and long hair in the temporal zone, when the elongated part of the hair is combed to one side. This hairstyle makes the face more elegant and sophisticated. However, with the owners of wide cheekbones and massive chin, she can play a cruel joke, opening all the problem areas.


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