32 Short Curly Bob Haircuts That Make You Say “Wow!” for 2019

Short Curly Bob Haircuts 2019
Short Curly Bob Haircuts 2019

Short Curly Bob Haircuts 2019

Bob is a hairstyle with clear lines, perfectly emphasizing the features of almost any lady. It is a mistake to think that this haircut is suitable only for owners of straight hair. Bob-square on curly hair can look even more spectacular than straight.

Curly curls look spectacular and beautiful. However, their owners, they deliver a lot of trouble in terms of care, styling and selection of a suitable hairstyle. Haircut bob on curly hair – a great find for these girls. It is great for both soft waves and small perky curls. The main thing – to choose the right type of haircut bob, taking into account the features of its appearance.

Bob Ideas with Curly Strands

Haircut bob for curly hair is considered practical and versatile. It is suitable for all types of faces, you should only play with its shape and length.

This hairstyle is perfect for young and elegant lady with a long neck and delicate features. This haircut is excellent styling and easy to clean. The “highlight” of a bob on a leg can be an elongated braid bang laid on its side. The complex coloring of the strands will make the image even more interesting and stylish.

Bob-square – a bold, but feminine option.

With such a haircut, the head of hair will acquire a spectacular volume, and the shortened strands in the area of ​​the crown will open the neck beautifully. If the transition from the short crown to the elongated side curls is made soft, then the image will be gentle and elegant. Bold coquette usually choose another option, implying a sharp transition length of hair.

Long bob in combination with curly hair looks elegant and gorgeous.

Hairstyle suggests the length of the side curls to the shoulder line or slightly lower, the top is trimmed shorter. Haircut gives a huge scope for experiments with styling, this hair length allows you to arrange the strands in the form of both soft waves and careless, disheveled curls. An elongated bob will help smooth out coarse and massive features, as well as visually pull out the silhouette of a round face. This hairstyle is suitable for ladies with narrow, thin faces, it will advantageously emphasize their elegance. Owners of oval faces and regular features can also safely choose a long version of the bean.

Asymmetrical bob looks bold and bold.


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